4 Tips for Getting Rid of a Cold

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Ah, Winter. The time of year that you just can’t seem to leave the house without someone coughing or sneezing within very close proximity to you. If you’ve got a cold you want to shift quickly, these tips will help you!

1). Eat right

I know just how tempting it is to reach for the chocolate, crisps and unhealthy snacks, but try not to binge! We all know that these kind of foods won’t actually make us better (although there’s no denying that they do bring a little bit of joy!), but they can actually make you bloat, feel sick, and they won’t do a lot of good for your skin either. Instead of the junk, try and eat as much fruit as you can! It will replenish you with the vitamins your body needs, and it also contains enough sugar to satisfy your sweet cravings. I would highly recommend putting your fruit into a smoothie or making up a fruit salad – both of which are very easy to do!

2). Drink water

It may seem obvious, but you have to keep up your fluid levels up at all times, especially when you’re ill. Grab a 500ml or 750ml bottle, fill it up with water and sit down in front of Netflix for an hour or two, and don’t let yourself put the bottle down until it’s empty. You will find yourself sub-consciously sipping away, and soon enough you will have finished the whole bottle – easy peasy! You want to aim to drink 2L of water a day, and try and avoid any other drinks (except smoothies) for the next few days.

3). Take supplements

Ah, supplements. My saviour. Having multivitamin supplements will give you that top-up your body needs to get better. I personally like the ones you dissolve in water: it’s a good way to increase your water intake, and if you don’t like the taste it is very easy to down! Also, I would highly recommend Cod Liver Oil tablets. Unfortunately these aren’t suitable for veggies or vegans (obvs), they’re massive and can be a bit of a task to swallow, and they smell absolutely vile. Wasn’t purposefully trying to put you off there, because these tablets actually work wonders. I’ve got no idea how they do it, but my mum always used to make me have them when I was ill, and the cold would go in no time at all. If you can face swallowing them, you will reap the benefits!

There are definitely more luxury versions available, but I bought these both from Lidl and I’m pretty sure they were both under £1 (although don’t quote me on that!)

4). Relax

The most important part of recovering from any illness is allowing your body time to heal. There’s never been a more perfect excuse to bunk lectures, school or work (as long as you tell the relevant people that you won’t be attending!!!!). Grab a blanket (or preferably your duvet),  get cosy in front of the TV with a big glass or bottle of water, your fruit salad and supplements, and Netflix the day away. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep during the night, and if you feel the need to you can always have a nap!

Thank you for reading!! I hope these tips help you, and please do leave any other tips in the comments, I’d be very interested to hear them 🙂

Hoping you get well very soon,

Katie x

(P.S. I’m not a doctor so if you do actually need medical assistance, this blog probably isn’t the best place to go)