February Music Faves

Hey guys!! (This is my first ever blog post so just gonna let you know that I’ve got absolutely no idea what I’m doing lol)

I thought I’d start my blog with something I’m most passionate about: music! These are the songs I have been listening to and loving this month:


1). My My My! – Troye Sivan


Starting with one of my favourites from this month; I can’t get enough of this song. It is an extremely feel-good song in which Troye captures the feeling of being caught up in the moment in a relationship, and advocates throwing caution to the wind and simply living in and enjoying the moment. Would 100% recommend having a listen to this song if you haven’t already heard it!!


2). Nuh Ready Nuh Ready – Calvin Harris, PARTYNEXTDOOR

nuh ready

So admittedly, this song isn’t exactly a work of art… but it is certainly a dancehall bop. The song has a somewhat reggae feel, with PartyNextDoor embracing his Jamaican roots through his style of singing and rapping. It is a new sound for Calvin Harris, whose previous album had a mellow-funk kind of vibe; and, in my opinion, it is definitely not his most inspiring work, with no drop or change in style throughout the song. However, I personally really like it, and I’d definitely expect to hear it played in clubs over the next few weeks.


3). Fine Line – Mabel feat. Not3s

mabel fine line

I first saw Mabel in 2016 when she supported Years & Years at Wembley Arena, and in all honestly, I didn’t love her. Obviously, at that early stage in her career it made sense for her to cover other songs, but I thought she lacked originality and likeabilty. However, as time has gone by she has evidently found her own sound and also gained a lot of confidence. Mabel wrote Fine Line about the beginnings of a new relationship where two people are getting to know each other, and getting lost with each other whilst not losing themselves completely. It is a fun, easy-listening song with a catchy hook in the chorus and a simple bridge with a nice-sounding fluent melody by Not3s which adds a new, fresh and urban element to the song.


4). We Should Be Together – Pia Mia

we should be together

This is not a new song, but I have (ignorantly) only come across it recently. The main hook throughout the song is reminiscent of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’, also featuring  tempting lyrics, with Pia Mia using a very soft and sultry tone of voice, which kind of pulls the song together. I personally really like this song; I listen to it regularly and am yet to grow tired of it.


5). Love Lies – Khalid, Normani

love lies

Saving the best till last, this track is my favourite of the month. The song is a duet written from the two perspectives of members of a new relationship (seems to be a running theme in this post…), and Normani’s solo debut. The song is beautifully written, with the lyrics fitting perfectly with the music, both literally and contextually. Khalid and Normani’s voices blend so nicely together, and the song just works – I can’t get enough of it!! I saw Khalid in London on the 15th, but he unfortunately didn’t perform this song. I’m not too disappointed though, as it gives me the perfect excuse to go and see him again when he’s next in London!


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! Please leave any of your current favourite songs in the comments because I’m always on the hunt for new music. I’d also really appreciate any feedback as well! 🙂

Katie x